Everyday Heroes: Love Above All Else

In a recent video, Dr. Chris Chen asked, “If you are working from home, how’s it going?” A number of our Everyday Heroes responded. Here is one of them.

Christy Adeyemi

Dr. Chen, I have been working in healthcare for over 20 years. I cannot express -my gratitude to you and your family for your outpouring of generosity during this crisis. First and foremost, THANK YOU.  In a time when people are losing health, jobs, and even hope – you and your family decided to allow us to work from home! What a stupendous effort in Love, Accountability and Passion! This has afforded all of us the opportunity to continue to serve our seniors, ourselves, and our own families!  Secondly, I am astonished at the encouragement to help those that are food/water/supplies insecure. This is UNPRECEDENTED in healthcare – in any field, really!


Although I have not worked from home during this time, I have seen the incredible benefits of Love Calls. Just today, in Morrow, Georgia, one of our Care Coordinators (Tatiania Screven) was performing a Love Call with a patient’s family member who informed her that the patient had just overdosed on their medication! The coordinator immediately glipped the Morrow Team for an emergency call with the patient’s JenCare provider. Sharon Alston, the Nurse Practitioner that supports Dr. Adrienne Mims, leapt into action. Center Medical Director Dr. Evelyn Campbell-Bayaan jumped in as well. They got medical assistance to the patient. The patient was stabilized and is now doing well.
Recently, a team member making Love Calls sent an email to myself and Latoya Golden, the Team Lead. He told us about a patient who was feeling isolated and alone. We immediately got Sherri “Zu” Gatson, the social worker, involved. She contacted the patient and had a virtual session with her right then and there to support the patient! Just beautiful!
The original question was: How is it going? It is going very well! I am humbled by the effort of the ChenMed team and all that we accomplish every day. It’s uplifting and inspiring. I am proud to be part of this and it has helped restore my faith in humanity. Thank you and stay safe.

Do you know an Everyday Hero? Someone who has done more than expected? Supported our values of Love, Accountability, and Passion? Please let us know at: Internal.Communciations@ChenMed.com.