The coronavirus pandemic has brought out the best in our people. While we all work tirelessly to honor seniors with affordable VIP care that delivers better health, the current global healthcare crisis has allowed team members to stand out for doing something special, something extraordinary. We are pleased to introduce you to some of ChenMed’s Everyday Heroes.

George Payne JenCare employee in Virginia, is an Everyday Hero and a true road warrior. George is generally based in Miami. He recently transitioned to Virginia where he is currently supporting the area’s care centers with amazing results. George packed a suitcase and drove from Miami to Tidewater to support the market. Several of our patients don’t have a support system to help them with basic needs. We want to keep seniors healthy, happy and at home. At the end of the day, after their day’s work was officially done – George and a handful of volunteers brought supplies to the homes of at-risk patients.

“I have an exceptional team,” George said. “I know I can ask them to go the extra mile for those under our care. My co-workers lead by example and inspired me to do more. If I deserve any credit, my team does as well! It has been a couple of long hard days recently, but I feel great that we are making a difference for our patients as we deal with the coronavirus.”

Another Everyday Hero located in Richmond is Mike Smith, a JenCare employee who is also a Fire Chief for the City of Richmond Fire Department.

Recently, Mike went to the ER to meet a patient who was also homeless. While in the ER, Mike connected the patient to resources to secure housing for the patient, which will help the patient to avoid daily trips to the ER. While at the ER, the patient was able to get needed tests, and Mike helped the patient to connect with local recourses so that the patient would always be supported. Mike stayed in the ER until the patient was discharged and arranged transport for the patient to the clinic to immediately see his Primary Care Provider (PCP). Mike worked closely with the patient’s PCP care team to see if he could help the patient avoid additional ER visits.

“This will be the third over-the-top situation that Mike has performed in just the last six weeks,” said Kristin Yarboro, JenCare’s Associate Director, Network and Medical Costs, in Shockoe Bottom. “His rapport, passion and dedication to our patients knows no bounds. I am so proud of Mike and the example that he sets to our patients, his coworkers, and his leaders.”

More Hero Stories


In a recent video, Dr. Chris Chen asked, “If you are working from home, how’s it going?” A number of our Everyday Heroes responded. Here is one of them. I serve our patients in Hallandale, Florida. For more than twenty years, I worked managing luxury hotels, so I already have experience in providing VIP service. But nothing could compare to my role at Chen Senior Medical Center.


There are a number of team members responsible for the exceptional experience our seniors have at Clearwater. Christina is known as being Dr. Khan’s right arm in taking care of seniors. Melissa is the “newbie.” With only three months at the center, Melissa has already become an expert in sending medicines to patients quickly and efficiently. Carmika has traveled to other centers during this Covid-19 crisis. She never complains when asked to support other markets. And Dr. George Wickramanayake–who everyone calls Dr. Wick –has surprised a few patients–even when they did not come to see him specifically! Dr. Wick asks them how they are doing, if they need anything. He takes the time to listen and address their concerns.