“I am one of your patients in Clearwater, Florida. Very satisfied with how you are handling this. I am 77 and I always get texts and emails asking me how I am doing and if I have my meds.”

“I am a patient of Dr. Nareesha Khan, Clearwater office. Luv her and her really caring about me as her patient and a person.”

“They are great, they send me my meds so I don’t have to leave home!”

A number of patients have raved on social media about our clinic in Clearwater, Florida. Many of the comments are directed at Dr. Nareesha Khan; which makes her a candidate for the title of Everyday Hero. But Dr. Khan has a slightly different take on this.

“It is definitely a group effort from my team who every day go above and beyond the call of duty,” said Dr. Khan. “Specifically, my Care Promoter team – Christina Archer, Melissa Capellan, and Carmika Carbon. My care supervisor Eboni Shippy is my lifeline and our office cheerleader. And if I’m a hero, Dr. Our amazing Clearwater team George Wickramanayake, who also works in our center is definitely one. Honestly, they deserve all the credit.”

“Dr. Khan inspires and empowers us every day,” Eboni said. “She is always so awake and aware to what our patients need and love,” Eboni added. “We have days where we serve food from the ethnic culture our patients are from and they love it. You only have to mention once something that you like or enjoy. And then one day Dr. Khan will surprise you with a book by a writer you like, or flowers to brighten your day. She fills our love tank and so we have more than enough love to spare for our patients.”

There are a number of team members responsible for the exceptional experience our seniors have at Clearwater. Christina is known as being Dr. Khan’s right arm in taking care of seniors. Melissa is the “newbie.” With only three months at the center, Melissa has already become an expert in sending medicines to patients quickly and efficiently. Carmika has traveled to other centers during this Covid-19 crisis. She never complains when asked to support other markets. And Dr. George Wickramanayake – who everyone calls Dr. Wick – has surprised a few patients– even when they did not come to see him specifically! Dr. Wick asks them how they are doing, if they need anything. He takes the time to listen and address their concerns.

“We cheer each other on,” Eboni said, “put out fires as needed, make sure our team is healthy and there for each other and our patients. We’re family – our team and our patients. I think that’s why it works so well.”

The evidence is clear, the reviews are in. Our Clearwater clinic is full of Everyday Heroes. We’re lucky to have them.


Do you know an Everyday Hero? Someone who has done more than expected? Supported our values of Love, Accountability, and Passion? Please let us know at: Internal.Communciations@ChenMed.

Everyday Heroes: Quick Take

 “Honk twice if you’re here for medicine pick up,” reads a whiteboard sign at the entrance of our Portsmouth, Virginia entrance clinic. VIP curb side service!

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In a recent video, Dr. Chris Chen asked, “If you are working from home, how’s it going?” A number of our Everyday Heroes responded. Here is one of them. I serve our patients in Hallandale, Florida. For more than twenty years, I worked managing luxury hotels, so I already have experience in providing VIP service. But nothing could compare to my role at Chen Senior Medical Center.


The coronavirus pandemic has brought out the best in our people. While we all work tirelessly to honor seniors with affordable VIP care that delivers better health, the current global healthcare crisis has allowed team members to stand out for doing something special, something extraordinary. We are pleased to introduce you to some of ChenMed’s Everyday Heroes.