EVERYDAY HEROES: 70 Love Calls a Day

In a recent video, Dr. Chris Chen asked, “If you are working from home, how’s it going?” A number of our Everyday Heroes responded. Here is one of them.

Dr. Chen, I strongly identify myself with the company values: Love, Accountability and Passion. Today more than ever!

I serve our patients in Hallandale, Florida. For more than twenty years I worked managing luxury hotels, so I already have experience in providing VIP service. But nothing could compare to my role at Chen Senior Medical Center.

After my mother passed away from years of suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, I decided to take a role in which I could directly help seniors. I love my job! Every day I see how our team improves the health and safety of our patients. Our patients are family. I know how many pets and grandchildren our patients have. I can relate from past experience; how painful it is to place a family member in a nursing home and how lonely that family member can be.

Now that I have been working from home, my main task has been to place Love Calls. It is amazing how my patients come alive when I call. Sometimes all people need is someone to listen to them, care about their well-being. It really feeds the soul – for both people on the call. It’s a beautiful thing. “I’ll call next week,” I say. “Please call me sooner,” they tell me. And I do.

Pablo, one of our patients, was crying when I called. He was lonely and hungry. After the call I reached out to Ivan Castillejo, my Center Manager, and Clara Herrera, our Office Coordinator, to arrange our response. I asked Matthew Lorenzo, our Pharmacy Technician to fill Pablo’s prescription.

We arranged for food and medicine to be delivered to Pablo’s home. He was crying when I called to follow up, but this time it was tears of joy. “You saved my life,” he said. “I don’t know what I would have done without your help.”

Every day, I keep making my Love Calls. Not just because it’s my job, but because I know how much we impact the lives of seniors. A majority of them live alone. We may be all they have to get through a particular day. ChenMed makes a difference in their lives with our constant VIP service. We really are transforming the care of the neediest populations.

I completed all my Love Calls today: 342 patients. Almost 70 daily calls this week. I have no more voice but my heart screams: “You did your part!”

Thank you, Dr. Chen, for this opportunity. At this critical time, it is important that our patients stay healthy, happy, and at home. I’m happy and proud that I am a part of that mission.

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There are a number of team members responsible for the exceptional experience our seniors have at Clearwater. Christina is known as being Dr. Khan’s right arm in taking care of seniors. Melissa is the “newbie.” With only three months at the center, Melissa has already become an expert in sending medicines to patients quickly and efficiently. Carmika has traveled to other centers during this Covid-19 crisis. She never complains when asked to support other markets. And Dr. George Wickramanayake–who everyone calls Dr. Wick –has surprised a few patients–even when they did not come to see him specifically! Dr. Wick asks them how they are doing, if they need anything. He takes the time to listen and address their concerns.


The coronavirus pandemic has brought out the best in our people. While we all work tirelessly to honor seniors with affordable VIP care that delivers better health, the current global healthcare crisis has allowed team members to stand out for doing something special, something extraordinary. We are pleased to introduce you to some of ChenMed’s Everyday Heroes.